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Business Network Long Distance FAQ's
You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Is there a minimum usage requirement?

There is not a minimum usage requirement for Business Network Long Distance. There is a $6.99 monthly service charge per line. If you have any questions about our fees, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.


What are Business Network Long Distance’s international and domestic rates?

Business Network Long Distance strives to provide customers with competitive long distance rates. 


Do I have to dial any special codes to get my low Business Network Long Distance Rates?

No, you do not have to dial any special codes to access our savings. For your convenience, your long distance plan is turnkey, just dial the number you are trying to call and start saving!


How do I check to see if my service with Business Network Long Distance has started yet?

You can check your local telephone bill on the USBI page or you can contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-421-9739.


How do I place an international call?

Just dial: 011 + country code + city code + local number. 


What is an intrastate call?

These are calls within your state. Your state government sets part of the rate and therefore they are different from our interstate rates.


Is there a toll-free customer service number?

Yes, you can contact our experienced Customer Service professionals at 1-800-421-9739, or if it is more convenient, you can e-mail your inquiries to


How do I add additional lines to my account?

To add more lines, please contact our Customer Service professionals at 1-800-421-9739


How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-421-9739.


I have more questions…

If you have further comments or questions please contact Business Network Long Distance at 1-800-421-9739 or you can e-mail inquiries to

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